Cohlear implants

Cohlear implants
Cochlear Implants can help children and adults for better hearing.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

CI experiences

Let me just address Cochlear implant as CI -makes life easier.Life easier?What are you talking about?I am so frustrated.Why me?Why my child?That WAS me.Now I look at myself and go "Thats ridiculous,what in the world made me say those words?"Yes we all get low sometimes and feel like you might be going through the toughest time.But believe me you are not.Can't believe?Read my experiences and you sure will...

Well,I was so against getting CI for my child.First of all I did'nt know what CI was.I just knew she will be losing whatever she has now.I recieved information that was not complete,and processed it and put a barrier inside me to say no to CI.My husband tried to explain a lot,I also got to talk to lot of other CI moms as if I would listen.But there was some relief somewhere inside because I had not heard anybody say that CI had been a failure for them.Everyone kept saying how their kid had improved and enjoyed the sounds.Then after a lot of research,I was still half minded.Can you believe how difficult it is for parents to decide on whats best for their kid.I really hate when I go see the doctor and he/she says "Its your decision now" after leaving us tangled in the web of information.And I ask them what they would do if they were me and they say it all the same like a pledge "I am not suppose to say anything but I can suggest something"and this suggestion also depends on every child.So finally there is no specific answer even after looking at the data of my child and his/her situation.This is the most difficult stage.

Then I agreed upon myself,not to ask this question again knowing for which I would'nt get an answer.Not to blame the doctors -I totally understand.They are doing their best to give us the best,no doubt in that.Its just the frustration we could'nt handle...

The best thing to do  is to be PREPARED.Well you may say you don't know whats gonna happen.But there is always something you can do.

1.Make sure you have all the documents in hand at the appointment.
2.Listen carefully to what the proffesionals have to say.Do not decide  and go to the appointment,then       whatever the doctor says goes waste as you mind is already set.Think about the pros and cons.
3.Make a list of questions that you might want to ask them.This is really important,ask anything and everything that come to your mind.I assure you they will be right and useful.
4.Especially the most important ones like side effects,dos and don'ts,medications,post therapy..
5.Additional questions if your child has a malformed cochlea.
6.Make sure you have the best insurance-they did make our life hell..

Appointments,evaluations,audiograms and so much more sometimes can be overwhelming for sure.Its important because if you now step it up so, you can really get your child what she missed over her beautiful years.My road was rough really tough for all of us and I really want to share these experiences just to tell you that you are not alone in this journey.

For a hearing parent who knows nothing about deaf and hard of hearing can be quite challenging and being a parent you are just ready and prepared for anything that comes in your child's way.

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