Cohlear implants

Cohlear implants
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Advent to US

May 2nd 2006,Boston,MA
Here we are,leaving behind family,friends and what not but for a good reason I am sure.The day we arrive was Aniha's birthday.She had turned two.It was all very exciting,to see,to learn and to know what this place is where almost every indian dreams to be.We spent a lot of time exploring,and I was so happy to see friendly people smiling and greeting as you pass by.But still I was alone at home with Aniha,still worrying(never ends) until she spoke something.Not long before we settled down,I used to get calls from Early Intervention programs,and I was surprised to see how they cared about every child left behind.Its amazing because I could never forget standing and waiting in queue for therapy in India.Also I had easy access to internet to get the maximum info as to what can be done for my child.

Early Intervention visits started and Aniha seemed to enjoy them and I got chance to learn a lot as well.She slowly and gradually understood some things that were said to her.Her speech therapist was god sent.She did a great job,out of her limit.In the beginning only I was able to follow Aniha's speech.I drew pictures a lot of them to make her understand what the words meant.she was very smart to pick up as input was given to her.These kids really do have an extra something that makes them move ahead leaving behind their disability and we parents have something as well that we are gifted such special kids.Don't you think so?

Every day was special,just with her especially when you hear them say "Mama",after a long wait.But trust me its all worth the wait.I remember going with her to early intervention program where she played with the little kids like her,and I joined the Moms group which was everything to me at that time.This was so special for me because I shared everything with these Moms.Everything was so relatable,understandable.I miss them so much.Sometimes life gets so much easier when you have someone who can just lend their ears.

Eventually she turned three and we had to face the big one post.