Cohlear implants

Cohlear implants
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 2: Changes I saw after

Coping after Day 1 was challenging.I was at my parents house, the best place I could be in this situation.Since this was so unacceptable  to everybody,we just decided to go ahead with what had to be done.Obviously aiding her.My dad did not delay this at all.On Day 2 I mean the next day of finding out she was hard of hearing my dad arranged the money for aids(only I know how tough that was).Support from family is so unconditional,my family has always been a step ahead for me.And I am not just thankful for that,I can't express my gratitude.

Day 2 was painful.We went to get the molds done and fit her hearing aids (brand:Widex).We were told they were the best and costed Rs.75000 per hearing aid.pretty expensive!As we waited , I saw another family in the waiting room.Their daughter was a little older than mine at that time.She was,may be 4 yrs I guess.It was amazing how they interacted just reading lips I did'nt even see them sign or use any other mode of communication.I kept thinking about the ways I would use to communicate with my child.Thoughts just whirled around,some were just worse than the other.I never anticipated that she would be a normal girl.

After 10 days we got her hearing aids fit and turned on.She did feel something and it was all wierd to her.I was sitting there thinking,Ok now she can hear me,how anxious and impatient I was.She looked happy as always,did'nt cry for a thing and I was in tears since Day 1 which never seemed to stop.Her smile and laughter and her energy kept my family going.

We started speech therapy and she was now getting a little used to sounds.She had been very easy going girl,she wanted to listen, she wanted to hear herself and that was amazing to watch.She gradually tried to name the things around the house.We trained her to listen to different sounds around the house.These little things brought great happiness and hopes which we carried along the way.It was'nt long before we met an ENT doctor.who was a friend of my Brother-in-law.When he saw her,he was so amazed by her progress in such less time,immediately I knew She had fallen in love with her aids.

It was not long when we had to leave to Boston where my husband was still grieving about our daughter's situation.I knew inside that it would'nt take long for him to accept everything because he loved her more than anything in the world.Love makes things easier because when you truly love somebody nothing else matters.It was time for my daughter to face the new world and embrace the new sound.

It took a long time but better late than never for me to learn something from my child and the first lesson she taught me was to accept her for who she was and then I did'nt  see anything as a problem.

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